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Employees — Our Most Valued Resource

It is often said by many experts that a company is only as good as its people. At ISS, we understand the value and importance of hiring quality, dependable, and assertive staff. Allow ISS to find you the right person for the right job and move your business forward. We are here to help you achieve success. ISS will handle the challenges and time-consuming efforts associated with identifying and providing quality staff so you can concentrate on your core business and grow.

Recruitment Process

Just provide us with your specific need or a general requirement and ISS will ascertain the necessary staff type, levels, skills, experience, certification requirements, and support parameters. The hiring process for all engagements follows ISS' strict hiring practices along with any additional input from client management as to special circumstances or unique needs. We adhere to strict guidelines because in the end, our employees are ISS' most valued resource. We have spent years mastering the fine art of screening, hiring, and caring for our employees. We look for the best qualified technical resources (via experience and certifications) that have the greatest ability to effectively communicate in a bright and helpful manner to serve you in the best way possible. Our employees are in effect your employees by extension, but without you having the burden of identifying them and baring the additional costs of benefits and overhead.

Staff Screening & Hiring

A main ingredient to the success of any contract is to hire qualified professionals local to the area requiring support. We choose personnel who meet the contractual and technical requirements, as well as possess good customer relations and communications skills. ISS has a rigid standard by which all staff is screened. They undergo screening for technical, communication, and customer relations skills, which ensure all skillsets and experience match and fit the position and environment.

All ISS candidates must successfully pass a minimum two-phase screening process, conducted separately by ISS technical and management personnel, before ever being submitted for consideration. ISS has developed a tried and tested method for hiring technicians, which includes requiring staff to undergo extensive background investigations and periodic drug testing to ensure that no record of criminal history or drug abuse exists. The ISS screening process includes full candidate employment history and reference checks as a standard. ISS abides by all of client requirements as it pertains to information confidentiality, background check requirements, standards of conduct, and hiring processes. ISS extends the option for the client designees to interview staff who would be assigned to their account to verify technical qualifications and overall compatibility, if desired.